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OneWeb Satellites’ Florida Factory Finally Inaugurated

The joint venture of OneWeb and Airbus, OneWeb Satellites, officially started its Florida plant that will shortly be making satellites for OneWeb’s collection at the rate of 2 every day.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony this week at the factory (situated just out of the gates of the Kennedy Space Center) marked the official launch of the plant, even though its twin manufacturing lines are still being commissioned and have yet to begin complete-scale satellite manufacturing. The event lured dignitaries that comprised Ajit Pai (Chairman at Federal Communications Commission), Wilbur Ross (Commerce Secretary), and Sen. Rick Scott, who was governor when Florida made the agreement 3 Years back to bring the plant to the state.

Eventually, the factory will be capable of building 2 satellites per day for OneWeb, letting the firm to sustain a high roll out the rhythm as it looks for deploying its initial 648-satellite collection over the period of coming 2 Years.

“We are going to set up serial satellite manufacturing,” claimed OneWeb Satellites’ chief executive, Tony Gingiss, to the media in an interview. “It is something that has not been conducted in the sector.”

The firm developed the factory from scratch to support mass manufacturing of satellites. The twin manufacturing lines are laid out to optimize assembly and make the employment of robots recognized as automated guided cars to shift elements professionally from one station to another.

On a related note, OneWeb earlier claimed that its initial 6 satellites were all healthy and demonstrated 1080 resolution live video streaming from the lower orbit of Earth. The satellites reached speeds more than 400 Mbps, with a signal lag of not more than 40 Milliseconds—below 1/10th the time needed for geostationary satellites. OneWeb claimed that it is on track for partial service next year and complete service in 2021.

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