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New Bots Help Read The Brain Signals In The Paralyzed

Researchers are now looking at developing robots that can function inside our body and all thanks to Georgia Tech researchers for turning it into reality. The Georgia Tech researchers have developed minuscule bristle-bots that travel around using the tapping vibration from many sources such as a speaker or ultrasound. The basic idea was to combine a small piezoelectric actuator with a 3D-printed polymer body that has bristle-like legs that are angled to move in particular directions in a resonant retort to vibrations. These 2-mm long and 5-mg bots move at a speed of 8 mm per second. The flexibility and the actuators’ lead zirconate titanate metal helps convert the voltage into vibration for the motion purpose and vice-versa to power sensors. The researchers’ current design may not seem that beneficial as it can move only in a single direction and also does not have a payload attached. The researchers’ current plan is to develop bots that are integrated with the ability to jump or swim using various frequencies of different objects. The researchers hope to develop unintrusive bots to help fix health issues from inside or use environmental conditions and moving small objects to do so.

In the same way, Neuralink, the secretive company of Elon Musk has recently disclosed that it would be developing the implants that can be integrated into the brains of the paralyzed individual and it can be controlled using the phones or computers. The brain-machine interfaces would be developed in the form of threads that are thinner than the human hair but would be able to transfer loads of information. The technology has AI that helps it read the neural spikes and brings about movement. Matthew Nagle was the first paralyzed patient to receive the brain implant and he proved it to be a success by moving the computer cursor using his brain signals.

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